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D Mind Comprehension & Writing

It is meticulously written by an international editorial team with the latest and most comprehensive content. The main topics are used throughout the reading and writing training to help students master English reading and writing strategies, learn relevant vocabulary, grammar knowledge, the latest test question types and answering skills by allowing students to read a large number of chapters. The latest topics include: Aquaponic System, Venice now and then, Drone Filming and Sophia the Robot.

Reading training: Learn the structure and organization of different styles and find out the key points of the article, expand vocabulary, broaden your horizons and strengthen thinking skills, familiarize yourself with test questions and answer skills.
Writing training: Learn to write different styles, organize the content of the article, use the correct vocabulary to express meaning, improve the knowledge of grammar use, and familiarize yourself with the test question types and answering skills.
There are 12 levels in the course, each with 20 lessons. The arrangement is 1 reading training class, which is alternated with 1 writing training class to consolidate the learning effect. After completion, students who reach at least 70% attendance will be awarded by D Mind Education certificate.

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