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What is Cambridge Examination

Designed and compiled by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, the Cambridge English Test is an international authoritative test of a candidate's English language skills and is recognized by schools, universities, private enterprises and employers in public institutions in English-speaking countries around the world. Candidates who achieve success in the Cambridge English Exam will receive an internationally recognized certificate to demonstrate their English level. For the Standard English Examination recommended by the Education Department for reference , thousands  of students from various primary schools in Hong Kong have obtained the relevant qualifications to enter primary or secondary schools where English is the language of instruction .  Today's parents want to base their children's English from an early level and plan to participate in a series of certificate English courses for them.

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Cambridge English Course Information


Age: 3-12 years old
Time: 1 week, 1 week
Each hall: 1 hour
Number of people: 6 to 8


The Cambridge English Test is the standard English test  recommended by the Education Department for reference , and thousands of students from all kindergartne/primary schools in Hong Kong have obtained the relevant qualifications , so our school hopes to lay the foundation for children to start at an early level and to participate in a series of certificate courses for the students to to enter their favorite primary /secondary schools in the future . 

Course process (per level)

Pre-school assessment / trial /class placement. 

Activity based teaching - teaches exam syllabus including vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar application in listening and writing, usage of English.

Post-session briefing on learning progress, regular review and assessment per module.

Assessment reports, mock exams, exam techniques.

Register exams, exam certificates, upgrades.

Course features

Use a series of teaching materials from Cambridge University Press / British Press as a model for the course

Interactive teaching

Improve the use of English in a comprehensive way (listening, speaking, writing, reading).

Covers Cambridge exams and school curriculum

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