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About Us

Knowledge . Innovation . Differentiation

Our Mission

Your children’s lifetime learning begins in here. To nourish them becomes knowledgeable and innovative through our uniquely designed learning programs and teaching environment is not our finale. We give your children a differentiation from others in language learning.


Our Centres

Kid Smart School is a highly reputable child extended language education provider in Hong Kong. Through our small classes, dedicated and experienced teachers and specially designed curriculum, students experience a joyful and quality learning in our variety of courses.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and often discuss students' progress with parents. They also prepare progress reports for their students to closely monitor their progress.

We recommend new students to attend one free trial lesson to experience our learning environment, appropriate classes will be recommended to their parents in accordance with their assessment result, learning interest and age group.


Our Teachers

Our Native English Speaking teachers are all carefully chosen by experienced management staff. We emphasize their professionalism, teaching experience and passion on teaching children.

See our Teaching Teams
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