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Trinity Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE)

Grade 1 - Grade 3

Age: 3-6 years old
Time: 1 lesson per week
Each hall: 1 hour
Number of people: 6 to 8


Comprehensively improve children's ability to listen and speak. Learn everyday English vocabulary through textbooks, translate into sentences, learn questions and answers in different forms, and gradually speak fluent English. And Trinity Guildhall is one of the world's most recognized and authoritative judges of speech, English language skills and theatrical arts, awarded by the UK government's Certificate and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and internationally recognised. Upon completion of the course, you can take the Trinity GESE Examination.

Course content

This course is designed for kindergarten K1-K3. The school uses officially accepted teaching materials with a wide range of content, not only aiming at examinations, but also establishing ways for children to communicate in their daily lives, using English as their mother tongue as a second language. Through the examples of daily life, conversational skills are taught in a relaxed and interactive manner to enhance children's ability to communicate and express them in English.

We use

Tiger Time


Textbooks around the main character Tiger, Tiger introduced each unit of vocabulary, and then in a story to lead children to participate in every life scene in the textbook, guide children to learn to ask and answer in English, so as to enhance speaking skills, attract the establishment of interest in English.

  • Story-based learning in different genres 

  • Graded approach to grammar and vocabulary

  • Strong values strand

  • Cross-curricular content 

  • Speaking activities that build confidence and focus on different genres natural use of English

  • Code to access the Student’s Resource Centre 


About the examination

  • Authentic communicative skills for real life

    • Trinity GESE exams are for people of all ages who want to develop communicative English language speaking and listening skills for use in real life - whatever the purpose, whether for immigration, work, study, leisure or employment.

  • Genuine discussion format

    • Trinity GESE exams are one-to-one, face-to-face assessments of English language speaking and listening skills with a Trinity examiner, who encourages the candidate to show what they can do through prompts and authentic interactive dialogue. The exam length is 5-25 minutes depending on the grade.

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