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Grammar Writing & Speaking

Age: 5-12 years old
Time: 1 lesson per week
Each hall: 1 hour
Number of people: 6 to 8


Grammar: Through teaching the basic principles and application of standard grammar, we can improve students' weakest links in English exams. Our school's English grammar classes have achieved remarkable results. Many students have achieved rapid progress after studying, which has attracted many prestigious students to apply.

Writing: Fear of writing in English is almost a common problem for all students in Hong Kong. The crux of the problem is that children lack knowledge of topic and genre. As long as they are familiar with various techniques, they can develop an interest in writing and enable them to write. Write well-organized and grammatically correct articles.

Speaking: In the process of discussion and thinking, students can learn how to use English to express their creations and ideas, and engage in interactive discussions and communication with foreign tutors in English, so as to improve their English conversation skills.

The school’s teacher team has selected two writing series published by Cambridge University Press and Compass Publishing in the UK as the blueprint for this course, so as to teach children grammar, writing, and conversation skills.

  • In each unit, grammar are taught with illustrated presentations and practical exercises. Grammar are reinforced by putting into the corresponding reading & writing context, listening & speaking activities to increase overall comprehension.

  • Writing samples & strategies, guided questions to help students plan and write structured sentences and passages.

  • Practical and useful writing topics, such as postcards, emails, diaries, letters, creative stories, blogs posts, poems, adverts, factual descriptions, biographies, newspaper articles. Journal entry, book review, school/science/weather reports, movie/book/restaurant review, and more are used to appeal to students interests.

  • Structured approach: Warm up , Grammar , Model writing, Gathering idea, Guided writing.

  • Guided questions/prompts to help students create outlines for their writing drafts.

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