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Creative Reading & Writing

Reading and writing are the most difficult areas to master when learning English. To improve children’s English reading and writing skills, the secret is to train children’s reading comprehension, enhance understanding, analysis and application, collect information through reading, and cooperate with the training of writing guidelines to improve students’ comprehension and writing skills. This course can make reading and writing exercises work closely with each other to achieve complementary effects.

Read more frequently and write more as the learning concept, and use topic-based learning throughout the entire course

Learn the latest topics to broaden horizons and enrich  vocabulary

Using the reading and grammar writing textbooks in the Primary Path series published by Cambridge University Press in 2020, it is mainly based on "theme runs through reading and writing". This series is carefully compiled by an international editorial team. The content is novel and comprehensive, and it is for children to discover The pleasure of reading, thereby transforming the meaning of reading from understanding paragraphs to broadening knowledge.

Creative Reading & Writing

Use Dialogue Reading strategies to increase class interest and interactivity

In the textbook, through the works created by award-winning writers & illustrators (Fiction novels/Non-Fiction literature), and the interactive reading strategy of "Dialogue Reading", so that children can be exposed to different themes and styles.  Dialogue Reading helps them easily grasp the subject and focus of the article, and enhances their reading interest and language learning ability. The courses syllabus cover the needs  for  different primary school grades. The genres include: poems, debates, magazine articles, fables, blogs, newsletters, emails, recipes, etc.



Teach simple "process writing" strategies to write structured writing   

The course allows children to come into contact with different themes and writing style templates, and coordinate with the guidance and design of "Process Writing" to strengthen students' thinking and organizational skills, so that they can use the correct grammar to write clearly organized, rich and substantial content article.



Familiar with school exam question types, strengthen the training of reading comprehension

The reading comprehension and writing exercises in the course are designed with reference to the examination question types of Hong Kong schools in recent years, and relevant answering skills are taught to help students familiarize themselves with the examination mode and easily cope with the school and public examinations.

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