Kid Smart School (D. Park)

Teacher Michael


My name is Michael and I am a native English speaker from Vancouver, Canada. I have always been interested in travel and other cultures and it was while volunteering as an English teacher in South America that I discovered I has passion for teaching English. So I am excited to bring this passion to Hong Kong and Kid Smart.
The style that I like to teach in is one that engages the students in a fun and interesting way because if the student is interested, learning is accelerated. By giving each student individual attention, I can determine where any areas that need improvement may be and quickly address them so that the student can understand and move on to something else. 
I am amazed at just how dedicated, enthusiastic and hard-working Hong Kong students are when it comes to learning English. It is extremely rewarding for me to not only watch a student progress in their pursuit of learning the English language, but to have a role in that progress as well.

Teacher Adrian


I am originally from Hong Kong and finished my study in Canada. I have received my Bachelor of International Business degree. However, I realized that I still have a passion for teaching children. Therefore, I obtained my CELTA certificate in 2019 and intend to take a PGDE certificate in the near future. 
I'm an ESL teacher for young students ages 3-15. In my 3 years’ experience teaching English as Second Language, I have used various range of tools in the process of teaching such as power-point, zoom, games and music in order to engage my students’ interests of learning.
Teaching brings delightful inspiration to my life and I am genuinely cheerful to dedicate myself in a career that encourages love and respect with the light of knowledge. I have worked with children of all cultures and diverse educational backgrounds in various settings. I have always had a passion for teaching children and believe that their learning experience plays a big role in shaping who they become as they find their place in this world. I believe every child a gem and you never know how bright they can shine. Every gem can be extraordinary with the help of a little polish, and I look forward to bringing out the original colors of each child in Kid Smart School through proper guidance.

Teacher Lawrence

Teacher Lawrence.png

Hello! My name is Lawrence De Vera and I moved to Hong Kong with my family when I was 7 years old and have been living here ever since. I graduated from Andrews University of Michigan with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and have been teaching English since 2012.
As a teacher, I believe in creating a learning environment that enables the students to learn and have fun at the same time. It is my goal to help students develop their confidence and enhance their skills to reach their full potential through fun,                         interactive and creative classes. The greatest part of being a teacher to me is seeing students improve and seeing them enjoy what they are learning.
I look forward to meeting you and your children at Kid Smart!