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Kid Smart School (D. Park)

Teacher Michael


My name is Michael and I am a native English speaker from Vancouver, Canada. I have always been interested in travel and other cultures and it was while volunteering as an English teacher in South America that I discovered I has passion for teaching English. So I am excited to bring this passion to Hong Kong and Kid Smart.
The style that I like to teach in is one that engages the students in a fun and interesting way because if the student is interested, learning is accelerated. By giving each student individual attention, I can determine where any areas that need improvement may be and quickly address them so that the student can understand and move on to something else. 
I am amazed at just how dedicated, enthusiastic and hard-working Hong Kong students are when it comes to learning English. It is extremely rewarding for me to not only watch a student progress in their pursuit of learning the English language, but to have a role in that progress as well.

Teacher Sabine


Hi, my name is Sabine and I am a Native English Speaker from the UnitedKingdom, who has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 1997.

I came to Hong Kong after I achieved a Joint B.A. Honours Degree in German and Italian from the UK’s Manchester University. Having studiedforeign languages, I can appreciate the challenges that students of asecond language face.

Combined, I have 20+ years of experience in the professional fields ofEducation, Sub-editing, Editing, Journalism, Copywriting, DigitalMarketing and Social Media Marketing. As a result, I have producedcontent for all forms of media, including websites, magazines, andtraditional print.

My working career includes a four-year period employed as a Sub-editorand News Reader at both Asia Television Limited (ATV) and CommercialRadio.

I have about four years of experience teaching English to children aged from three to 12 years old. I mainly focus on teaching phonics, reading, writing, grammar and English conversational skills to children. 

I greatly enjoy working with children, and I am keen to help them excel attheir studies. My goal is to create a stimulating and enjoyable learningenvironment conducive to developing and improving the students' overallEnglish listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, to help them attainfluency later in life. 

I hope that the professional experience and skill sets that I have gained over the past two decades will add to my English teaching capabilities. It would be very rewarding to be able to pass on this knowledge, to help my students improve both their receptive and productive English language skills. 

Being a mother of two boys has helped me develop a great rapport with children of all ages, who learn best when they are having fun and are fully engaged in the learning process. 

I look forward to meeting you at Kidsmart !

Teacher Lewis

2022-05-DP-Teacher Lewis Profile.jpg

My name is Lewis Michael Coulson, born in Solihull England. I grew up in this rural area with my friends and family, always outside exploring, playing and learning. Sofor the last four years I worked in Jinan Shandong as an English Educator teaching students from ages 3-16 years old with a focus on exam preparation, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar and comprehension skills.

While teaching:

I am an enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to understand and motivate children. I will always:

Create a cooperative community in the classroom, model for students the importance of mutual respect and cooperation among all community members.

It is my goal:

To be a highly motived, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all children to be successful learners. 

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