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D Mind Ruth-Miskin RWI

Kid Smart School is very honored to be a recognized education center by D Mind Education and co-organize the "Ruth Miskin-RWI English Course" with D Mind Education to provide students with quality education. By teaching students the skills of combining and separating original and original sounds, help children master the basics of English pronunciation so that they can speak standard English with confidence.

The course is divided into five levels, suitable for students from K2 to P6, with 6-8 students in each class. Students who complete the Ruth Miskin-RWI English course and achieve at least 70% attendance will be awarded a certificate by D Mind Education. UK Ruth Miskin-RWI English Course Website: UK Ruth Miskin RWI English Course

*Ruth Miskin

Quality teaching guarantee

The author of the course, Ruth Miskin, has more than 35 years of teaching experience. In the past 10 years, she has served as a consultant to the British Ministry of Education and has been responsible for training tens of thousands of English teachers in British primary schools. Possesses the reputation of "Queen of Phonics" and was awarded the Commander Medal (CBE) by the British Royal Family. After mastering the basics of phonics, students can spell all new English words, which seems to have an unlimited English character library, which greatly increases their confidence in learning. The curriculum has been widely adopted by more than 5,000 primary schools in the UK, and has been rated as the "Best Teaching" by an independent research report by the British government, with remarkable results.

*Go beyond Phonics

To comprehensively improve English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

Ruth Miskin – RWI is the only English course that combines phonics, reading and writing training. The course will first help children lay the foundation of phonics, so that they can master the skills of blending and segmenting English vocabulary, so as to expand the character library and easily cope with dictation and writing.

The course will then use interesting stories and systematic writing exercises to further improve children's English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students who have completed the intermediate course can easily handle about 100 words of English writing.

Learn 44 original sounds (Pure Sounds), and master the orthodox standard English pronunciation.

Learn the skills of combining and splitting the original sounds, easily disassemble English vocabulary, and develop an unlimited character library.

Apply the original sound knowledge to reading and writing, improve English reading and writing skills, and cultivate learning interest and confidence.

*in courtesy of Dmind Education
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