Kid Smart School (Grand City Plaza)

Teacher Stephen

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Hi, my name is Stephen. I’m a Native English teacher from Manchester, UK. I have taught kids in Hong Kong for nearly 10 years.
I have mainly taught Pre-nursery, K1-K3, Primary level, Cambridge English courses, science activities and parties for kids. I enjoy teaching kids and I’m always striving to be that fun and creative teacher to keep kids motivated in class. I believe every student has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. Once they can connect with their teacher, be comfortable and interact with them, this is where teaching meets learning.
Teaching is an important and honorable occupation that requires commitment and patience. The teacher plays a huge role to have a positive impact on student’s lives. This is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken so lightly. 
My goal is for students to enjoy learning and using English. I aim to create a learning environment where they learn with a smile and feel comfortable to use English. No matter the age or level of English the students are currently at, I find an unorthodox approach to teaching English and makes it more attractive to the students. They will find classes more interesting and fun, this style of teaching keeps them motivated and interested.