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Kid Smart School (OP Mall)

Teacher Laxmi

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Hi, my name is Laxmi! I am a Native English Speaker born and raised in HK, where I grew up attending English Medium Schools. After studying business for a few years, I found Ihad a lack of interest in the field. On the other hand, I felt more comfortable working with children. Ultimately, I decided to pursue a career in teaching and have been doing so for 3 years now! During this time, I have taught Jolly phonics, RWI phonics, speaking, reading, writing and grammar classes to kids aged 2-10. I aim to create a comfortable and joyful environment for kids to learn and grow, while I work towards my PGDE in the future as well. 

Teacher Denise

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My name is Denise Boonstra. I moved from Australia to Hong Kong in 1999. I started teaching English that same year and stayed with the same school for 10 years.I have over 13 years teaching experience with students aged between 3-15 years old. I’m passionate about educating and supporting your children through their second language journey. My background is in Early Childhood Education and studied English Language and Literature. My classes are fun and interactive, with an emphasis on individual growth that nurtures my students to be well-rounded global citizens.When I’m not working, I love hiking in the hills and running the occasional half marathon to raise money for charity. I really look forward to working with your children and watching them improve their language skills.

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