Kid Smart School (OP Mall)

Teacher Aaron


Hello! My name is Aaron and I was born and bred in the capital of Wales, Cardiff (United Kingdom). After graduating from the University of Bangor with a BSc in Psychology and a PGDE in Criminology, I decided to venture to Hong Kong.  Besides my academic skills, a vast array of valuable teaching experience has been gained from being a NET for over 4 years at various schools, which allows me to establish a supportive relationship between myself and my students with the aim to promote and reinforce their independence and self-esteem. I consider myself to be an enthusiastic and experienced teacher with the knowledge, skills and understanding of a range of teaching, learning, assessment and behaviour management strategies needed to make a positive impact on the progress of my students. I have a passion in giving young learners the best possible education in life and enjoy providing a fun and dynamic learning environment for my students. Watching them progress week by week and seeing how they share their enjoyment and positivity with their parents is the most rewarding part of my job. I’m excited about the prospect of working at Kidsmart. I hope to see you soon.

Teacher Sarah

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Hi! I am Sarah. I am Eurasian. My father is English and my mother is Malaysian-Chinese. I had the fortune to receive education, work and have lived in England, Malaysia and Hong Kong; I nonetheless consider Hong Kong as home.
I have a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and have a TESOL level 5 qualification. I also attended a short course in counselling to strengthen my understanding of emotional standpoints and to enhance my interaction with students and peers.
In Hong Kong, since 2008 I have gained experience teaching students aged 3-60 in one-to-one classes and in groups of up to 40+ ; at local schools, learning centres and private residencies. I have taught Cambridge Starters, Movers, Flyers, Read Write Inc Phonics (my personal favourite), prepared teenagers and young adults for IELTS and provided English vocational training to ethnic minorities.
Placing safety of paramount importance, condoning good manners, consideration, and awareness of social etiquette. I believe courage is essential for development and I do not have any apprehension to emphasise this when interacting with learners. A personal practice is answering questions truthfully or offering time and opportunity to draw one's own conclusion from logic and reflection. I live in Hong Kong and am familiar with the territory and culture. I intend to remain and continue my career path here as it is a decision and a contribution I can make with absolute confidence and proven results in a place that I love. Look forward to seeing you all at KidSmart!