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Kid Smart School (Pacifica Mall)

Teacher Jeff

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Hi! My name is Jeff and I'm from Toronto, Canada. Hong Kong has been my home for the last three years and I've been teaching English since my arrival. I have met lots of people in Hong Kong that have family and friends in Canada, which has made it an easy transition. I've been very lucky to teach some amazing students in Hong Kong and I look forward to every new kid I get to meet. 
I have a Bachelor's Degree from Brock University, as well as a TEFL Certificate that has given me the opportunity to develop my teaching career. In the classroom, I make it a priority that every student has a positive experience with their new language. The ideal environment is one in which the student feels excited to attend every lesson and is met with equal enthusiasm from the teacher. Through a variety of activities and lots of positive interactions we can all laugh and learn together. 
Progress is made every English lesson and I'm committed to making sure we achieve our goals!

Teacher Nami

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Hello there! My name is Nami and I’m from Nepal, home of Mount Everest, a small country wedged between China and India.  I graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in the United Kingdom and earned a degree in Tourism and Airline Management.  I’m so excited to be teaching your children and also about all the fun learning and new adventures that will come along! I have been teaching  English for the past 3 years. I previously taught in several kindergartens and I absolutely love children. It’s my desire is to instill a love for learning in my students and I have a strong passion for teaching. I teach because I love the joy of watching a child dream, imagine and think. I want to show my students that they have worth and value. I believe learning can be fun by creating a lively atmosphere in the class through lots of group interaction and activities. I cannot wait to spend my time growing and learning together with your children.

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