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Kid Smart School (Tsing Yi)

Teacher Rachel


Hello! My name is Rachel Forrest and I have been teaching in Hong Kong since 2003. I come from Australia and with 14 years of experience, education is an area I value. I try to pass my passion about learning and knowledge onto my students in the classroom by encouraging students to ask questions and independent thought. My personal goal is to make learning enjoyable and to ensure my teaching is creative and interesting. I want students to have the opportunity to interact with me and each other in the classroom and to learn topics that are meaningful and relevant. I have worked in different kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and I look forward to teaching and meeting your children at Kid Smart School. 

Teacher Mark

2021-10-Teacher profile-Mark_edited.jpg

Hello, My name is Mr Mark. I have called Hong Kong home for the last 25 years, but I am originally from Kent, in England. I am married & have 3 sons who have all studied in Hong Kong, so I understand the importance parents place on their children's' education, here in Hong Kong. I have been teaching for the last 20 years & have gained a wealth of knowledge in that time. I believe learning should be fun, for the students & the teacher. I also believe in building a child's self-esteem & confidence, I look forward to meeting both parents & children at Kid Smart School. 

Teacher Jacqueline


Hello! My name is Jacqueline Kane, I’m originally from London, England but have had the privilege of calling Hong Kong my home for over 30 years. Knowing and understanding the importance of education, I followed my passion and have been an English teacher for over 20 years. Having taught through the full spectrum of running my own playgroup, teaching in kindergartens and primary classes to personal tutoring, gives me a truly rich and diverse teaching experience. I believe that children have an innate ability to learn and absorb information, especially when engaged in meaningful, fun, interesting and interactive projects. Nurturing their confidence and skills to help them achieve their fullest potential with guidance and support, I love to watch them develop into happy lifelong learners. It is a pleasure to be working at Kid Smart and as a naturally happy and positive person with strong communication skills I look forward to developing a close relationship with both students and parents alike.

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