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D Mind Comprehension & Writing

It is meticulously written by an international editorial team with the latest and most comprehensive content. The main topics are used throughout the reading and writing training to help students master English reading and writing strategies, learn relevant vocabulary, grammar knowledge, the latest test question types and answering skills by allowing students to read a large number of chapters. The latest topics include: Aquaponic System, Venice now and then, Drone Filming and Sophia the Robot.

D Mind Ruth Miskin - RWI

RWI is one of the most popular English courses in the UK today. It is a comprehensive English foundational course based on 44 original sounds and synthetic phonics. It comprehensively enhances children’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills so that they can read, write accurately and learn comprehensively.

Kidsmart English for  Cambridge YLE

Hope your children can get their favorite English primary or secondary school? Or hope that they can have better English proficiency guarantee? This course is your choice! This test was designed and compiled by the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. It is now an English standard test recommended by the Education Bureau as a reference. In Hong Kong, thousands of students who have passed the relevant qualifications for admission to primary or secondary schools that use English as the language of instruction.


  • Let's Talk

  • Chatroom & Story

  • Kidsmart Chatroom

  • Super Easy Series

Trinity GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) Oral Examination Class

The GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) exams test candidates' ability in listening and speaking. They are one-to-one oral examinations with a native English-speaking Trinity examiner who travels from the UK.

Grammar Writing & Speaking

The school’s teacher team has selected two writing series published by Cambridge University Press and Compass Publishing in the UK as the blueprint for this course, so as to teach children grammar, writing, and conversation skills.

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